Honored PTSA Members

Extended Service Award

In 1987, the Texas PTA Board of Directors developed criteria for the awarding of an Extended Service Award to those people who have continued to give outstanding service to the Texas PTA.

Gary C. Shafferman 2013
Kevin Rogers 2007
Susan Schaefer 1998

Texas Lifetime Member

Receiving an Honorary Life Membership Award is one of the highest forms of recognition to let a volunteer know how much you truly appreciate their dedication to our children and the community.

Tanya Hayward 2017
Nancy Pilato 2017
Krista Walters 2017
Kaitlyn Wilson 2017
Heather Bonneville 2016
Carolyn Campbell 2016
Natalie Melton 2016
Rebecca Adkison 2015
Andrea Dickson 2015
Tracy Price 2015
Emily Worland 2015
Erum Shahzad 2014
Cindy Ellis 2013
Gina Gardenhire 2013
Allison Andries 2012
Lori Dodson 2012
Joanie Finch 2011
Jesse Hood 2011
Kathy Shake 2011
Sherry Stewart 2011
Julie Murdock 2010
Becky Webber 2010
Donna Lynes 2008
Susan Stoa 2008
Amanda Drinkwater 2007
Ruth Adkisson 2006
Gina Karbs 2006
Marcie Cooley 2005
Dr. Dan Corbitt 2005
Chris Mattingly 2004
Vicki Walter 2004
Wanda Killingsworth 2003
Randy Mayes 2003
Pam Nelson 2002
Linda Forest 2001
Sohail Khan 2001
Sergeant Fred Norwood 2000
Jeanne Pearson 2000
Kathy Blair 1999
Martha Holman 1999
Nancy Jones 1999
Bonnie Leech 1997
Fred Placke 1997
Cindy Tobin 1995
Mrs. Sharon Conyers 1994
Mr. Robert Lee 1994
Nancy Estes 1993
Roxie West 1993
Lynell Hamilton 1992
Donna Nelson 1992
Roxanne Herrera 1991
Gary L. Stalcup 1990
Donna Jordan 1988
Pat Neithammer 1987
Larry Sigler 1986
Mrs. Edward S. Marcus 1982
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Texas Life Member
Extended Service Award