Magnificent Marauder

This program is run by Marcus PTSA. Four times a year each teacher has the opportunity to nominate one student per class to receive this coveted award. The student is not chosen solely for academics, but other qualities like dedication, effort, participation and teamwork are all considered when selecting a student.

Awards are given at wonderful ceremonies held in February and May.

February 2017
Sam is one of those students who make you want to come to class every day. He is smart, funny, attentive, and hardworking–a model student! Because he is so reserved in class, he doesn’t often compete for attention, but when he is placed in the spotlight, he has such poignant and meaningful ideas to share. Sam, you are a rockstar. Never forget how much potential you have to change the world!
February 2017
Cara has worked tirelessly to make sure our newspaper is the best it can be this year. She’s written, edited and even designed pages. I love her positive, cheerful attitude, and her leadership is a critical element of our award winning team.
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