Ebola – In Perspective

I spent last week in downtown Dallas for a leadership forum and as you might expect, there was a lot of discussion about Ebola. There were folks from all over North America attending. The discussion intensified when the news broke of another health worker being diagnosed. Even with all that going on, there was never panic or hysteria about Ebola. Even when we found out that there were extra airport precautions being put in place, folks took the news in stride and just planned to get there early. In my opinion, this is the right type of approach. Stay informed, make great decisions for you and your family but don’t freak out. This is America, we will deal with this and move forward.

I had a chance to listen to Dr. Waddell discuss Ebola and the district response to the latest news. LISD chose to keep the schools open while some in the area clev68osed after reports of the Frontier Airlines flight became known. The administration has been working closely with the Denton County Health Department and all were in agreement that there is no risk to our students or staff. We need to educate ourselves on this issue and not fall prey to scare tactics. We need to be vigilant, but quite frankly, I’m more concerned with the Enterovirus. This is a real, credible threat to our kids and deserves attention. As mentioned in a letter last week, beginning Oct. 3, the district implemented intensive sanitation on all high-touch areas at all LISD schools due to concerns regarding the Enterovirus and the upcoming flu season. Both of these viruses are considered highly contagious. Since these protocols were already in place, no additional cleaning requirements are necessary to address Ebola concerns.


Below is President Obama’s weekly address that focused on Ebola. The video is about 4.5 minutes to watch. If you’d rather read it, the transcript is below as well.

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